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PROF 190















1.    Wednesday, Sept. 1/10AM 1 hr       Session 1 Minutes

2.    Friday, Sept. 10th 1:40PM 1.5 hrs    Session 2 Minutes

3.    Friday, Sept. 17th 1:40PM 1.5 hrs    Session 3 Minutes

4.    Friday, Sept. 24th 1:40PM 2 hrs      Session 4 Minutes

5.    Friday, Oct. 1:40PM 2hrs                Session 5 Minutes

    October 4th to October 29th First Practicum

  6.    Friday Nov. 7th 1:40PM 1.5 hrs


Friday, Nov. 12th - B101 - Resumes - Educational Services


7.    Friday Nov. 19th 1:40PM - 1.5 hrs


  November 21st to December 17th - Second Practicum

8. Jan. 7th 12:30PM - 2 hrs

  Friday Jan. 14th- 12:30PM - B101 - Interviews

9. Friday Jan. 21st 12:30 PM - 2hrs 

    Friday Jan. 28th Teachers Overseas Recruiting Fair

10.     Friday Feb. 4th 12:30PM 2 hrs


February 11th no classes


February 15th to March 11th Third Practicum


March 14th to March 18th March Break


March 21st to April 8th Alternate Practicum



11. Friday April 15th 12:30PM 2 hrs


Thursday April 28th Time TBA Exit Conference

















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