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PROF 190



                September 10th minutes


Welcome – Attendance

1.     Story – George - Count to a Million by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by Rob Bolster.

2.     Introduction to Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s)– Group activity – identifying different roles in the school by description of activities – handout to each group


3.     PowerPoint presentation – PLC’s – roles for positions


Highlights of the readings for PLC’s - a) Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat #3

b) Teacher Performance – Professional Learning Communities in Ontario Schools

Summaries of a) and B) found here:

c) Results Now – Chapter 8 – by Mike Schmoker- Professional Learning Communities – summary can be found here: 

PowerPoint presentation - PLC's - found here:

4.     Statement of Beliefs assignment – description – due Friday, October 1st

5.     Group work – Creating a list of jobs for the role of Teacher – bring to class Friday, September 17th

6.     Discussion – Assignments - TC’s admitted late can submit the Summer Reading assignment on October 1st – the first two assignments must be in by October 1st.

7.     PowerPoint presentation – What is Teaching –

8.     Assignment for Friday, September 17th – read the story ‘Teachers’ found here:


Special Notes:

·        Reminder about the Vulnerable Sector Screening Police Check

·        Make sure that you have your Prof190 courseware pack, important for the readings and the Practicum Pages section, need for the October 1st class.

·        Be prepared to discuss your summer reading book in the September 24th class.


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