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PROF 190













September 24 Minutes


  1. Attendance
  2. Story – ‘The Long Long Letter’ – by Elizabeth Spurr, illustrated by David Catrow
  3. The Little Boy – brief discussion – re the teacher needing to make sure that a good product is created and sent home – don’t stifle children’s creativity
  4. Management scenarios – dealing with typical classroom problems – Can you put your finger on the possible problem? – Scenarios were worked on in groups then reported – Point – there are many causes and many possible reasons – learn as much about your students as possible – in your practicum make sure that you and your Associate discuss the backgrounds of the children – s/he knows them better than you! Sometimes you need to think ‘outside-the-box’ to find solutions.
  5. Readings – Make sure that you read Wolk – ‘Hearts and Minds’.

Summary of Wolk is found here:     

Majority of readings time was spent on Education For All Chapter 9 – no written summary but the PowerPoint shown highlights the major points of the article – found here:

  1. Summer Reading assignments were collected. Reminder of Statement of Beliefs or both if you did not submit today.
  2. ‘Observation During Teaching Rounds’ will be done during the October 1st class. Bring your handout and your ‘Practicum Pages’ to class next time.
  3. Any Questions?



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