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PROF 190














Session 3 Agenda September 17/10


1.    Story – Russ – Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed by Eileen Christelow

2.    Attendance form circulated

3.    Russ – Follow-up to PLC from last week – Groups report on the roles a teacher performs. Brief discussion of the story ‘Teachers’ – assigned reading from the website.

4.    George – distribute teacher list – in-class assignment

5.    Introduction to Session 3 topic: Observing in Classrooms – PowerPoint

6.    Readings ‘Scavenger Hunt’

7.    Conclusion to Session 3 topic – PowerPoint finish

8.    Distribute ‘Garage Sale’ – intro to exercise – TC’s complete in class.

9.    Distribution of handout – Observing During Teaching Rounds – TC’s to place in their courseware ‘Practicum Pages’ section – discuss in class if time permits.



Special Notes:

1.    Be prepared to discuss your Summer Reading book – collect assignment on Friday, September 24th.

2.    For Friday, September 24th, please read “The Little     Boy’ by Helen Buckley, found at:

3.    Don’t forget that your Statement of Beliefs assignment is due Friday, October 1st.

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