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PROF 190














Session 2 Agenda September 10/10


1.    Welcome – Attendance – Story – George – Count to a Million by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by Rob Bolster.

2.    Introduction to Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

Activity – in groups make a list of the different roles found in the school

Distribute the envelopes containing the job descriptions – TC’s in groups will match with titles – discuss

What roles does the teacher do?

3.    PowerPoint – PLC’s – Roles for positions

Points made in a) Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat #3

b) Teacher Performance – Professional Learning Communities in Ontario Schools

c) Results Now – Chapter 8 – by Mike Schmoker- Professional Learning Communities


    4. Assignment Discussion – George – Statement of Beliefs

5.   Group discussion continues – teacher roles listed on the board as specified by the TC’s. Bring this list for the following week.


6.   PowerPoint – What is Teaching

7.   Assignment – Read the story – Teachers found at:

Special Notes:

 Everyone meets in A234 today, class starts at 1:40pm.

 TC’s are reminded about the need for the Vulnerable Sector Screening Police Check before October 4th.

 Bring to class your Statement of Beliefs assignment outline if you took it out of your yellow folder. Newly arriving TC’s will receive info in class.




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