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I would like to thank many people for providing ideas, inspiration, instruction, and content for my site.While I continue to seek out new material and will accept, with thanks, suggestions and/or contributions to my pages, I would like to acknowledge contributors.

As a laddermonkey td, I thank fellow monkey  thekidd_lmtd (insane_wayne) and former monkeys stormy, cyrusdragon and qtpieblue, for giving me both access to their sites for material to use for tourney pages and inspiration to try and create my own. Thanks also to iamfotogal for some gifs and helping me with background color html and directing me to Lissaexplains, a great resource for html instruction and color charting. See also GeoDanny for basic html help.

Two excellent books that I found invaluable for learning all about web site/page creation which I recommend highly are:

           Easy Web Graphics by Julie Adair King, Microsoft Press, 2001; and

           Easy Web Page Creations by Mary Millhollon with Jeff Castrina, Microsoft Press, 2001.

Material collected here is mainly considered to be 'public domain', some is privately created, and I have said clearly that none except the logo and banners are mine. They come from other sites, some of which are commercial. I thank those sites that have openly stated that their material is free to take for your own use. Also used extensively were sites that are of catalog in nature in that they provide links to other sites where the material is found. These include:

           Lists/links:, Web Com Guide, Clip Art Review

           Examples: The Magic Web Clipart Gallery 2 Cool Animations, Absolute Background Textures, Celines's Original.GIF's, free-gifs, Crystal Cafe, Free GIFS and Animations, Moregifs , Free Graphics By Syruss, ABCGIANT. Special days material has also been from two sources in particular: Romance101, and Anne's Place.

           Special thanks to Graham Coupe at aaa for allowing me to use animated gifs, icons, lines and balls from his site.

           A very special thanks to Amy Brown , Robin Wood and Jonathon Earl Bowser, professional Fantasy artists, who have allowed me to use their artwork on my tourney pages. Amy Brown concentrates on faeries and dragons. I think that you will agree that her work is exceptional. Robin Wood does illustrations for magazines like Dragon and also of book characters like those from Pern. Robin also is an author and interested in magic/tarot. Jonathon Earl Bowser is perhaps most famous for his Mythic Naturalism series, the source for most of my choices here. Also chosen were some pieces from his 'Early Work' and "The Golden Bird', a novel. He also has done an excellent series of 'Spirit' images for plates for the Bradford Exchange, but these are not included due to copyright. Go check out their excellent work and purchase a print or two at their websites: Amy Brown | Robin Wood, Jonathon Earl Bowser. Please take the time to send them an email saying you saw their work on one of my tourney pages or on this site. Thank you. 





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