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Being a LadderMonkey TD is a time of exciting, fast-paced activities and personally gratifying when you are hosting a tournament in whatever league you operate. One of the ways to make your tourneys attract many players is through your spams and tournament pages that you post. This site is designed to help you with your pages by giving you access to different ideas that will make your pages more appealing. If you are not a LM td but just stopped in looking for some fresh ideas for your personal web pages then you are welcome to browse and use most that you find here. More information about LadderMonkey and what I do is found on my ABOUT ME page.


What you will find here

Thus far I have concentrated my site on mainly backgrounds because anything is better to look at than battleship gray on tourney pages. Also I have permission to use the work of three excellent Fantasy Artists, Amy Brown, Robin Wood and Jonathon Earl Bowser. You will also find some regular and animated gifs, a few bars and buttons and credits and/or links to books or web sites which I have found particularly useful. I believe that all of the material found here is public domain and/or I have received permission (see credits) to use the material. Only the logo and banners and layout, as of yet, are my own creation and I do not claim other material as mine. If, however, you discover anything that is NOT public domain, please email me and I will immediately take it down.

Enjoy! I hope that you find something useful.


Last Updated:  March 24/02


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