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PROF 190




 September 1st Minutes


1.    Story – Russ – Something From Nothing by Phoebe Gilman

2.    Story – George – Once Upon An Ordinary School Day by Colin McNaughton

3.    Introduction of Candidates – Attendance – special assignments for those TC’s that miss – expect an email prior to class that you will not be there

4.    Distribution of Name tags, blue bags and yellow folders – TC names on folders

5.    Discuss folder contents material to be left or taken – Different assignments (this is a Pass-No Honours course) - Statement of Beliefs outline for September 10th

6.    Reminder that the Summer Reading assignment is due in the September 24th class – outline if you need it found at:

7.    Email addresses and phone numbers for George And Russ  - website address …

8.    Reminder to get the courseware package from the Campus Bookstore ~$50  - do the readings for Session 2 for September 10th class

9.    Slide presentation … numbers


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