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PROF 190













 Session 4 Agenda September 24th


1.     Attendance

2.     Story –

3.     Discussion of the story – The Little Boy – what is Helen Buckley’s point?

4.     Management Scenarios- distribute 1 to each group – after 5 minutes – each group reports.

5.     Discussion – Summer Reading reporting in groups – main highlights of each book discussed – good points mentioned for overall class.

6.     Collection of Summer Reading assignments – put in yellow folder

7.     Discussion – Observing During Teaching Rounds – TC’s can take notes of important points

8.     Session 4 Readings –

    a) Concentrate this class on the Education For All reading – chapter 9 – PowerPoint

    b) S. Wolk – Hearts and Minds;

    c) Paul Deir – Finding Miss McArthur – will be shown if sufficient time.

9.     Any questions about the readings/course thus far?


Special Notes:

  1. Remember to bring your Practicum Pages from your courseware package on October 1st.
  2. October 1st class is entirely devoted to the practicum and Round 1.
  3. Final day to submit Summer Reading and your Statement of Beliefs is October 1st.

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