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PROF 190




Here you will find the agendas for each class and also posted the minutes from each class. The agenda should be posted by the Wednesday night prior to class, and the minutes for a Friday’s class by the following Sunday night.

The agendas will give a list of topic(s) to be covered and also provide special notes about the class that you need to know. For example, it might mention a reading to be discussed. Therefore you are expected to have read that reading prior to that class. It also might refer to things you need to bring, such as your summer reading paper, or mention another assignment that will be due on that day.

Minutes will highlight the important points discussed in that class. It will also state things like due dates for assignments that are given out. Also mentioned might be the titles of special handouts. If you are excused from a class, these minutes might be very important. Check here every week!

Click on the link below to go to the list of agendas or minutes. Direct any questions about agendas and minutes to George or Russ in class or by email.



                                         Agenda List





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